Growing up in the 80’s was fun. As the 2nd born of 2 divorced and hardworking entrepreneurs, life wasn’t always rainbows and unicorns but nothing to complain about. My dad was a cook and restaurant owner, my mum owned a café in the heart of Ghent, where we ended up living as well.

I got into football as a young kid, gotten pretty good at it and shared this love with listening to all kinds of music, ranging from 80’s pop to heavy metal and punkrock.

In the early-90’s I started playing bass-guitar – yes, even in a band - and got into skateboarding. I wasn’t a big talent but I loved the vibe, the friendship, the community, the music, … Through skateboard-videos, different styles of music such as soul, hip-hop, etc… came along and stayed.

After graduating from high-school (late 90’s) as a graphic designer and leaving the nest, I started working like crazy and invest my money in vinyl and dj equipment. Spending hours behind the decks I became passionate and had the advantage of turning my passion into a real job. I travelled the world, played at the most amazing clubs, events and festivals all over Europe and created memories that will last a lifetime.

As a promotor of lots of parties in Belgium in the early 00’s, my interest in the marketing side of this business grew fast. The events and clubnights we hosted, were successful and were a perfect match with my DJ career.

In the late 00’s I became a proud dad. An ideal time to reflect and focus on some other stuff as well. The creative part of marketing focused on nightlife, the visual part of communicating, the importance of credibility got me in brainstorms and other creative processes for both local and international brands.

In the 10’s I’ve added 5 years of “head of creative” at a nightlife agency, promoting different niche and mainstream events and festivals, serving over 100.000 people annually. I guess I’ve paid my dues.

While “DAVIDOV” focuses more on identity, credibility and authenticity, I also started a social media and online communication agency, “TEAM YAY” in 2020. Think day-2-day operations, content creation, communication and advertising of all online platforms.